Here in Cajun Country, Cajuns have always loved their fricassee or stewing, These meals are served with white rice with your favorite sides, here at “Cajun in a Box” it’s your choice. So ;lets cook some crab fricassee, lets do our prep while the the fricassee is simmering, take your large dutch oven and brown your tomato paste over a medium heat, whisk in your 1/4 pd melted butter, add your 2 cups of stock. Cook for 10 minutes, as your sauce is simmering  add the trinity & your favorite amount of minced garlic, (I believe garlic is a personnel thing)  simmering 10 minutes longer. Add your worcestershire sauce, sugar, bay leaf, and your halved crabs & simmer an hour, as always watch your heat, add a little water or stock to keep the sauce from getting to thick or thin.

We’ll season  to taste,this is when you build you sauce, flavor it up just the way you like, with the sauce spreading over your plate of rice  oh so pretty. Now that’s done, we will add in our crab meat, carefully , some say fold it in!

work your sauce to suit you and cook no more than 5 minutes, having  prepared all your sides, and other meal items, Dish your She crab, fricassee, over hot rice, and enjoy all the people you must love, that you cooked this delicious meal for!

As always


The news about the storm, is just beginning, the people of south Texas, are in peril, and the People of America are stepping up.I see far more rescues, by the people themselves, and the rescuers, from all parts of America. than by the govt agencies, Everyone is stepping up and helping their neighbors, The govt talks about all the govt heros but I know We the People, are the Backbone of America and it’s us who step-up and rescue ourselves,

Even animals comfort one another, without talking politics, and trying to convince the other animals they are the ones all must listen to, These politicians talk and talk. I didn’t see one in the water, one in a boat, one in a food line, They say they are more important and can get more done by telling We the people how, when, & where to sit, stand, and to even get out of the rising water.

It’s a sad time for America, and  if it weren’t for Americans we would be in Peril.

The Govt & our Politicians can not talk America out of trouble, You see they don’t get anything done, they only want to throw more money at the problems after they get their part! Work, Honesty, all the attributes that made America the greatest Country in the history of the world,  Our leaders are lacking, All talk and no action. That’s our leaders.

As always

Cazan the Cook.

Chicken & Sausage in a tomato & okra, gravy, over rice, our 3’s. Your choice of our sweet tea or our fresh lemonade, served with a slice of country miche, w/pat, as always a little something sweet.

Chicken & sausage tomato okra gravy

Our 3’s are a mixture of sides popular in Cajun Country cooked and served with that Cajun flair, depending on the season and availability, we always try to source locally, and offer fresh from the garden, field, boat, or butcher. We rely on local folks carrying on Cajun Country Traditions, and crafts.

3’s made fresh every day!

Come and experience Cajun Food Prepared Just for you!

As always.


I believe the weatherman, it’s going to be Hot, with a chance of rain, and the humidity & Dew point are unbelievable,

Tuesday here @Cajun in a Box. We are cooking our Famous Meatball Fricassee, served over rice, just like Mama use to do, and we always offer a working man’s lunch. Today our 3’s will be field peas, with snaps, mach choux, and smothered potatoes with  tasso, and as always a slice of Country Miche with a pat, and our little something sweet.

Meatball Fricassee

Our Thunder storms have been on a regular daily occurrence, and as you travel around the area You will get wet. It helps the grass and our need to cut it, so it always woks out.

Our Sweet tea, and lemonade with you meals, are available by the gallon.

We will see you soon.

As always.

Cazan the Cook.


We are prepping for a small dinner, with friends, Lets do some smothered chicken in a tom & okra gravy, with a piece of Pure pork sausage, fresh from a local butcher. while the hours while away, I checked the bayou for action and tide, in is in and set a small pot for bait crabs, there was an old friend looking for fresh fish this morning it’s finger mullets by the thousands.

going up the bayou

Well lets get back to the browning and seasoning of the bird, and we will cook 2 cups of rice, it yields about  6 cups cooked with 1/2 cup per serving, I have to admit most of the guest will eat a cup or a cup and a 1/2, with the sides we prepare, 3’s always and a slice or two of fresh baked country Miche , with a pat or smear of butter. We always make a brown gravy then add our okra, and tomato’s, be sure to season it with a can of Ro-Tel, sodium free followed by the Cajun in a box seasonings.

Our 3’s will be  seasoned with slab bacon and blk pepper green beans,  a fresh pot of slow cooked navy beans with a touch of Tasso, for that smoke,  and a fresh batch of pinto beans.

I like to brown my sausage before i add it to any dish, I really like to slice off a tail and make a fold over with some yellow mustard, just  a snack you know!

We do lemonade and sweet tea, for our gatherings, and then a little something extra, It’s a custom to finish a meal with sweets & fresh brewed coffee, most like it sweetened with sugar, and a spoon of coffee mate, to finish it off!

The table is always set with some lagniappe, Condiments, like 3 types hot sauce, 2 Tabasco peppers, slice banana peppers, and a jar of bread and Butter pickle slices, just if you want.


We started our day with fair temps, and we deal with the humidity,wow! but the water was off with the rain early in the am, so I tried a poping cork with shrimp and the first one was really at the top of his class, the next two were slow getting here 3 are enough , but we are blessed to have them for a fresh fish Couvillion, couveon, courtbouillion, or even an Etouffee”

with some rice, salad and corn or your favorite sides, It will make a meal

Fish camp fare,

Well as always.



While trekking through miles of coastal savanna south of Vinton Louisiana, a place called Pine Ridge in the middle of the Refuge, I came across two things that day that left me with a new insight to life, The first being in the middle of the marsh grasses, without a tree bigger than a shrub, when out of the corner of my eye I spy a huge brown mass rising from the grass no more the 20 yards away, with his mass standing 6 foot at the shoulder, and shaking furiously , the dust and matted grass and mud flying, the Creature turns towards me and with the full frontal stare, I realized I was standing there looking into the eyes of a Bison.

Now with this being Cajun Country deep into southwest Louisiana, in the middle of the marsh, I expected many things, and in all honesty this was not one of them, I had a moment where it was almost silly to think, WOW !!! now what,

I had no idea that this animal was out here, and what sort of temperament it was going to have, and what should i do next, Now I spent sometime up in the Alaska, and expected to see Brown bears, and I did, but not one of them surprised me like this fellow did, So it was a stand off, Me watching him and him watching me!

The moments passed and he shook that incredibly big head with horns, and turned to the right and started to amble off to the east, so I turned and started to amble off to the west, I a sure you I turned and look back more than he did, Now on reaching the Ranch I discovered that there is a herd, belonging to the Gray Estate, and they roam most of the reserve or Pine Ridge or just anywhere they would like to go.

The next day being prepared with the Buffalo info, I headed out with my camera, and discovered the answer to a common mystery, what happened to that Bull? well as you can see it is common for animals to meet their end, and as this one had in a bog, near a pound, it’s remains slowly disappeared and I found all that was left, It had fit into it’s surroundings very well , and has over the years become a favorite.

As always !!!


On Thursday’s we offer  our Stuffed Pork roast, in our sauce Rouille,   We serve this over a bed of rice, with our signature 3’s  with your choice of our sweet tea, or our fresh lemonade, as always served with a slice or 2 of fresh baked country miche w/pat.

included with our meals, is a little something sweet.

I’ll cut this one short, the roast is ready to be sliced.



When I was a little boy, I always wanted to help, do things, with the big people, because in those days it was children seen not heard. So wanting to help and be part of the group was natural, as that was where the people were, as always it was mostly about food, it seemed like it took a lot of time to prepare our food, not the meal itself but all that goes with it, It began with weeding, and then feeding, and then helping to catch and then cleaning, and as the year went by you were working. Every day there were plans to be made, laying out a new bed in the garden, repairing a fence gate, or shelter in the barnyard.

Seasons and coming of seasons brought new and interesting things, New smells and taste, Having a naturally curious nature served me well, and sometimes to my food tasting downfall. It was Cazan will try it Cazan will eat anything! Sound familiar, well that’s how I got my attention I was not a very picky eater.

Getting to my story, about Andouillette

Andouille (French pronunciation:   ahn-DWEE) is defined as a coarse-grained smoked meat made using pork, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings

Andouille is French in origin, and was later brought to the United States through Louisiana by French immigrants. In the United States, the sausage is most often associated with Cajun cooking Andouille sausages are sometimes referred to as “hot link” sausages.

Now andouille and many Cajun things are a bit different than some you buy in the grocer today, it is sort of like a chicken you buy at wal mart, and cook and a yard bird, that you catch, wring it’s neck and then scald and pluck, and gut, and then singe the feathers of and cut up and then make popeye’s with it.

It is almost the same but,

I want to continue but more on this later, in our Cajun food section.

As always.

Cazan the Cook.

Cajun in a Box offering

Cajun cuisine   is a style of cooking named for the French-speaking Acadian people deported by the British from Acadia in Canada to the Acadiana region of Louisiana. It is what could be called a rustic cuisine; locally available ingredients predominate and preparation is simple.

An authentic Cajun meal is usually a three-pot affair, with one pot dedicated to the main dish, one dedicated to steamed rice, special made sausages, or some seafood dish, and the third containing whatever vegetable is plentiful or available. Shrimp and pork sausage are staple meats used in a variety of dishes.

The aromatic vegetables green bell pepper, onion, and celery are called the holy trinity by Cajun chefs in Cajun and Louisiana Creole cuisines. Roughly diced and combined in cooking, the method is similar to the use of the mirepoix in traditional French cuisine which blends roughly diced onion, celery and carrot. Characteristic aromatics for the Creole version may also include parsley, bay leaf, green onions, dried cayenne pepper, and dried black pepper.

Monday’s Red Beans & 3’s