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Big Mamou Enterprises / Real Time Cajun, inc / Cajun in a Box.

We began in 1998 offering our Cajun Story to the "World Wide Web", (www.) We called it doing business at the speed of thought!

We began with a vision and it exceeded the resources we had at that time, But We never lost sight of what We wanted to share. Now We can full fill our vision of Offering Cajun Country, The sights, sounds, & all the ingredients that make Cajun Country so unique Today!

The only thing lacking is the smell app, I have been so longing for, Because while we are doing our exploring of the Parishes that make up Cajun Country, You should be able to smell it ! I can offer your the sights, & sounds, but I can send you a box, with the Taste & Smells of Cajun Country! Come & experience the wet Spanish moss hanging from a cypress, on the edge of a slow moving bayou, with the mystery dripping from the humidity. The Lightning bugs, and Magnolia's Fragrance announcing Summer. The constant drone of life, buzzing, croaking, leaves you unable to discern "what is Dat"!

Dat! my friends, is the bayous, bays, rivers, swamps, & marshes, filled with a myriad of life! flying, crawling, scuttling about,

We offer the Cajun Country of our youth, the Cajun Country of our present day, and with each blog post, Podcast, and fresh cooked meal, the Cajun Country of the future!

Join us on the continuing Journey to Experience Cajun Country!


All recipes contributed by Family, Friends, and Contributors to BME/RTC,inc/CIAB.

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Cajun in a box,  Cook Book. Published by Big Mamou Enterprise / Real Time Cajun,, inc. dba; Cajun in a box!

Cajun in a Box, Cook Book,Includes;

Appetizers, Gumbos & Soups, Vegetables, Meats, Seafood, Wild Game, Desserts, Lagniappe, Seasonings, Mixes, Roux, Pots, Pans, Griddles, Burners, Cooking on a fire!

Cajun in a Box,Mercantile !

Welcome to Big Mamou Enterprises/Real Time Cajun,inc; Cajun in a Box!

It's a Crowd
It’s a Crowd

Big Mamou Enterprises Real Time Cajun, inc

welcomes you to our Journey into our Cajun Life.

Join us  at our Table as we experience the Flavors & Taste of Cajun Country, Join us as we Curate the foods, products, and sample a bit of this  & that from our local butchers, bakers, speciality meat smokers, “Charcuterie”,  our local growers, a Spring -Jardin or Summer – Jardin Winter- Jardin and year round fresh herbe, as we bring our daily Menu together, Just in time for “Dejeuner” – (breakfast), “Diner”-(Lunch), or “Souper” – (supper). travel with us to the edge’s of Cajun Country, to the places we look forward to seeing, taking in the arouma’s of Cajun Country, Listen to the best of, Must try, Have to have, If you don’t eat her cookin, you missin out, yea! From the days of our youth here in Cajun Country, Today and as the future unfolds it’s our daily experience.

We’ll share the aspect of our culture & Heritage, Cajun Food, Cajun Fun, and hopefully some insight into How it is!

So join us even if it’s just for a chaudiere “de Couche-Couche” et  lait Caille

A pot of Couche Couche,  an milk.


Cajun in a Box ! About Us !

Some History!

Join Us!

cajun in a Box, does a “CHAUDIN” ! Comin Soon!

Another of our Great Traditions, in Cajun Country, is cooking a Chaudin, especially at a Butcher!

We locally source our products from here in Cajun Country, Fresh, and  process them Just for you!

We always have cooked a chaudin on special occasions or for special Friends & Family!

We offer this meal, to you and want you to know it’s not everyday you can eat this, So let us know, We’ll give you a true Cajun In a Box, Experience with this  True Cajun fare!

Contact; Cazan the cook, for your Cajun Experience, It’s what we do!

Try our, Cajun in a Box, Cochon de Lait!” Coming soon!

Cajun in a Box, Cochon De lait!

A Chochon de lait, means suckling pig,  it’s still being suckled by the sow, The meat is tender & Light, Our tradition is to cook the whole piglet, because of the size, usually 20-30 pounds, It cooks faster and the meat falls off of the bone.

This a meal that will impress your Family & Friends.

This is a Cajun in a Box, Specialty;

Contact; Cazan the cook, for your Cajun Experience, It’s what we do!


Cooking Classes: Coming Soon!

Cooking Classes

It’s All About the Cajun Experience!

It’s what We do!

Here at Cajun in a Box,  join us for a deliciously fun and unique way to pass some time. You’ll want to try all of our classes, Here you will learn new skills, make new friends, eat the most delectable Cajun food around.

We have a class  just for you!

Never cooked for yourself ?

Take our popular Gumbo Curriculum, a  course on the many gumbo combinations from Cajun Country!

Join us for our Cajun  Flavors series and experience  delicious and unique cuisine.. Try it all.

Learn more about our Cooking Classes.

If there is something you want to learn that is not already on our menu.

Cajun in a Box will create a class especially for you, I even teach how to clean a crab, cut up a Hen! So bring your spouse, or a friend, or come meet some new friends and join us for some delicious food, come and pass a good time.

Get ready to put some Cajun spice in your life!


Look what’s cooking in Cajun in a Box. Release your inner chef at our deliciously fun, technique based, hands-on cooking classes. We have classes for every level-come Cook with us,  After all it’s always about the food!  Cajun in a Box, Cooking School is dedicated to teaching real kitchen skills, Tips & Tricks, not just a menu. So even though most classes present a cuisine, it is the details, that informs our class. Once you have learned How to do Cajun in a Box, cooking it will take you on a Cajun culinary journey!

Classes are hands-on !

A class is $70.00 per person, per class,  Including the meal you just learned to cook. Tuition is due at time of registration. You are welcome to bring your favorite wine or beer to pair with your meal.

Private cooking parties, you can book a private event at Cajun in a Box.

Host a birthday party, shower, Bachelor or Bachelorette party idea, or Your Gourmet or Wine Tasters club, y’all come an pass a good time at Cajun in a Box!

You can book a Private One on One class with Cazan the Cook !

The price is $150.00 for a 2 hour class. You may add a second student for an additional $65.00


For your safety, please wear closed-toed shoes. you  will learn to prep all the recipes, and then we’ll all sit down to enjoy the delicious dishes we have made. This is a full meal, so come with an appetite!


Any class canceled between 2 weeks and 3 business days prior to class will be issued a class credit to be used within 1 month of the date of the canceled class.

No refunds or credits will be issued for last-minute cancellations (less than 3 business days) or no-shows.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you must cancel.


A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your date.

Your final guest count is needed one week before your event, and the balance is due at the time of the event.

Please have your guests arrive no earlier than 1/2 hour before your event, but please also ask that everyone be on time.

contact; “Cazan the Cook” for details!