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All the Sights

All the Sights, from throughout Cajun Country including our Cajun Cuisine, Our Bayou's, Bay's & River's. Our City, Towns, & Villages.


All the Sounds

All the Sounds, from throughout Cajun Country including our Cajun Music,  all the Music from Cajun Country, Zydeco, and Swamp Pop.


all the Ingredients

All the Ingredients, from throughout Cajun Country including our Cajun Cuisine, Our recipes, our home grown, locally raised produce, and locally harvest fresh fish and seafood, fresh from the waters of Cajun Country.


What I would say to you!

We are offering our Cajun Country experience, everyday, I learned long ago, from a True Cajun, He said it's not that you speak French, ( Cajun French), To be Cajun is to Live Cajun everyday, So on that principle, Cajun in a Box, came into being, we offer all the Sights,(our Photo's from throughout Cajun Country,  all the Sounds, ( our Music, from Cajun Country), all the Taste, (all the Cajun food from, our past, present,& future), shared with  you on a daily basis.

All the ingredients, from our lives, that make us who we are today!

So join us on our journey, and experience the Sights we see from our Cajun Country, Experience the Sounds, we hear if it's only from our radio, or a jam session, the  ingredients We experience, in our Meals, de janier, (breakfast) diner (lunch) or Souper, (supper)!


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I bet you have questions.

Please feel free to ask questions about anything we are doing here @ Cajun in a box.!