Welcome to "Cajun in a Box" offering   Cajun Food Services in Lake Charles, La

From the Gulf of Mexico, North, and the Rivers of the east, West to the Rio-Hondo, area of the Sabine river to the border parishes of CenLa, The area of Louisiana known as "Cajun Country" with a unique  culinary culture has always swayed me in a way that made me hungry for my Cajun Country Roots.  We discover our roots in so many ways,  Family, Friends, Our Music, Stories, Dance, as we grow, and our lives develop of sense of culture, and story of our history, I discovered the connection between food and Life. I found that the people of Cajun Country do not just view food as sustenance, they celebrate their lives in a daily experience of existence! Not taking for granted the need for sustenance, Cajun Country came into being in a time of growth of America, A mixture of Freedom, Desire to maintain identity, and Having the good luck to settle in the culturally rich Area of South Louisiana,


 The region of southwest Louisiana steeped in Strong cultural traditions of  French, Spanish, Creole, and a total melting pot, from the New World, and Indigenous peoples, with a need to eat, causing  a generational love for food, dance, and music. All of my years of living in Cajun Country in the center of an exciting Cajun and Creole culinary landscape.  Acadiana is filled with amazing stories of colorful people and unique products, many of the you have yet to enjoy.

We live, work, and play here,  My wife Melanie, & I write our blog  and share our photography  From throughout Cajun Country and our passion for good food & good times, shared with Family &  friends.

Welcome to our Cajun in a Box.

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What's to Know ?


Cajun in a Box, is a "Personnel Cook Service" located at 4037 E. Bayouwood dr. Lake Charles, La. A culinary taste into growing up in Evangeline parish, Cajun in a Box  supper club comes from all the supper clubs throughout Cajun Country nightly shared meals among friends and family, sourced from local farmers, fishermen, our local boucheries & Charcuterie's.
Come Let's cook something!

The sights, sounds, smells, all the ingredients of Cajun Country!


Remember when you had time for a stop at the best cook you know, just as the rice was ready? the fresh out of the garden, pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens of all types, oils, vinegar's you remember what the first thing they said to you,
" come let's eat!
Cajun in a box, offers you, "come lets eat!"

Share your Cajun experience !

Cajun in a Box, A place you can reserve to experience a true Cajun Food experience,
Cajun in a Box, sits one party of 6-16 of our favorite people, remember it's BYOB, I can not offer alcohol.
All meals require bookings of at least 6, to be served.
Cazan the cook.


Cajun in a Box !

Offering a Cajun cuisine experience fresh from the rivers, bays, bayous & gulf of Mexico, Local gardens and farms, We source and incorporate Cajun country ingredients, To capture the farm to table & bayou to table, fare that Cajun Country is famous for.
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Daily Measl!

Cajun in a Box, offers our Cajun menu every day, Monday - Friday By appointment. Please see our Daily menu and Let me know!

Cajun in a box "Pop-Up's"

We love to do a weekly Pop-up and  we will be offering a "Seafood lovers dream menu". We post our menu on our pop-up page Details included, with a contact form, It's a per person affair, and we love dining alfresco, if weather permits.

Join us for De jenier, Diner, Souper!

Offering Cajun Cuisine, for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.