Grillades & Gravy!

Grillades /ɡree-yahds  are medallions of various meats, conventionally beef, but veal and pork are also used in modern recipes. Often served with gravy at breakfast or brunch over grits, they are a traditional Creole food.

 Grillades are fried or seared. For grillades with gravy, the meat is cut into medallions, pounded flat, seasoned and dredged in flour. The meat is then browned and braised in a flavorful liquid made up of roux and chopped or crushed tomatoes. The “trinity” (chopped bell pepper, onion and celery), garlic, beef broth and/or wine are called for in many recipes. Thyme, bay leaves and cayenne or hot sauce are common seasonings. The braising liquid is used as a gravy for the finished dish.

For Grillades and Grits, the grillades are placed on a bed of grits, often cheese grits, and the gravy poured over both.

This meal I served my grillades over rice, with a side of Butter beans, and some green beans smothered in diced smoked sausage.

Some meals, I  like a drop of hot sauce, or Tabasco.

I’ll finish this with a little something sweet.

As always;



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