Fri. Dec 14th, 2018

Jeudi / Thursday/Chicken & sausageGumbo!

Jeudi / Thursday/Chicken & sausage gumbo.

Our most popular Thursday meal, fresh made roux, and our locally sourced ingredients, add the at “Grandma’s house” flavors to this traditional Cajun Country meal, served with fresh cooked Cajun country rice, home made mustard potato salad, fresh baked corn bread, with a side of baked sweet potato.

Gumbo for 2.

When I make a gumbo for Us! I use  deboned chicken, and our favorite smoked Andouille sausage.

I like to debone my chicken and make a stock, I believe it adds to the gumbo flavor, just as the eggs, The eggs are traditional ingredient, when you are cooking  yard birds eggs show up sometime, and were added with some other ingredients, such as hearts, gizzards, and feet !

If you have never knawed on a foot well, you are missing all the fun.

Just as a drum stick bone was used as a teether, You know !

As always, you make a roux!  then Sauteed, ( fry quickly in a little hot fat.)the other parts, the trinity, and sausage, the chicken,

We’ll blend this and simmer for a while, lets make the rest of our Gumbo for two, our mustard potato salad, and rice, I always cook a cornbread, and sweet potatoes, since I am in the kitchen.

It seems there is always a little something sweet, and our fresh brewed coffee, after our meals.

I know it’s the same at your house, but if it’s not. Please feel free to let me know and Cajun in a box, will make your Cajun dream meal come true!

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As always Cazan the cook.

“Experience eating Cajun , everyday, It’s what we do”!


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