Let’s get ready for Friday!

Friday, around here should be spelled “fry day” ! We love our seafood but during lent, here in Cajun Country there is chance the biggest meals of the week will be fry day.
I love a fish sauce, almost any sort will do, with a helping of rice, seafood sauce , and sides, with a fresh salad or coleslaw, corn on the cob, well I guess i should stop there and get to the point.
I always serve fried on the side with a cat

Fried on the side!

fish sauce, a shrimp sauce, oysters sauce or a crawfish sauce. a little fried on the side goes a long way, I want to mention that when I fry frog legs, there is always a sauce made with the body and front legs, I cut the lips off, skin-em and gut-em cook the rest, an E’touffee, with fried on the side.
I want to talk about frying for Friday.
Deep fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, or frog legs.
Our prep time will be about: 30 minutes and this recipe will serve 6, hungry Cajuns.
Lets do the batter:
1 egg
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
4 tbsps. yellow mustard
Season to taste, black pepper, salt, cayenne
Lets, mix this up in a bowl about 1 quart. set aside
Ingredients to fry.
a pound of each seafood, ( shrimp. oyster, catfish, frog legs)
vegetable oil
4 cups of yellow corn meal or cornmeal
Season to taste, black pepper, salt, cayenne
Always be careful with hot things. what ever method you use to fry, use caution.
So we have made our batter, and blend our dry ingredients, dip your fish in the egg batter , then seasoned corn flour and fry a few pieces at a time, until golden brown, and floating, cook all pieces, and serve fresh out the grease. Serve it as a side or an Entre.
I know y’all have your favorites to go with all this. Here on the bayou, it all goes with either a shrimp creole, and oyster stew, catfish couvillion. or a frog etouffee, with, Fried on the side.
As always.
Cazan the cook!

“Experience eating Cajun , everyday, It’s what we do”!