Fri. Dec 14th, 2018

In the summer time, the family interactions, are more involved, Pop’s off to work, the house is always buzzing,  the kitchen first, you never got up to find the kitchen empty, basic appliances,  kitchen table, large enough for the family, most  meals eaten out on the back porch, or under a tree if there’s a breeze ,”Brise”.

Cajun Country 2 most important things,

Family, & Cooking“!

A day to day, season to season existence, in Cajun Country, meant everyone had a place, and learned each in succession, So we grew, together as well as individuals.

At Memer’s & Pepere’s, the day started earlier, So the kitchen is a buzz before daylight, and most of the days food is cooked, then placed in the garde -manger, “Larder”, you learned early in life,

“accept when offered”.

The smoked meats, were used the most, for seasonings, and to change up a dish, When the fall hunting season went well, we would smoke rabbits, & geese, used for beans, sides, a smoked meat gumbo on a fall day goes far, You can invoke a nostalgia Just by mentioning, having an Avoir envie for a smoked meat gumbo, the same for a squirrel gumbo, Wild life sauce piquant, rabbit, duck, alligator, chicken, turtle, they my favorite’s.

Time is passing, today just as when it seemed it took a week for Sunday to get here. People say it’s Sunday already, But it is a blessing to have the chance at it.

So It’s Sunday already, and We start early, before the daylight, It’s because, life is meant to be lived. We have lots to do, and get ready for Sunday, and We hope you do too!

It’s like ma-mere say’s “You better eat today, You may not be able to eat tomorrow!”

Cazan@Cajun in a Box

“Experience eating Cajun , everyday, It’s what we do”!




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