Friday! Down da bayou!

Down Da bayou,
you can find the best seafood, friendly people, so come and pass a good time,
While you journey, “Down da bayou,”here in Cajun Country !
Down Da’ bayou can mean a lot of things, depending on who you talking to!
To mean party a lot, to live far from town.
Dave Matthews;

“Louisiana Bayou”.
No, No, Mama, now Devil done do-si-do
two young boys lyin’ dead by the side of the road
And the coins on their eyes represent the money they owe
No judge or jury ever gonna hear the story told
Down by the Bayou!
Today we are talking about just down da bayou, checking a trap!
As always it’s fish day, on Friday here at Cajun in a Box, and we’ll be singing about fried on the side.
So join us as we pass the time, prepping for our Souper!

We love cooking on a fire, & cracking a sauce, as Carl always says!
It’s all about the sauce, or Courbouillon ( a highly seasoned stew, usually made of seafood)!

Start with a butter roux, add your flour after you wilt the greens.
Lets build our “Courbouillon” and season it just right, no hurry.

We season our fish, I use, black pepper, salt, & cayenne pepper, after a few try you do good!

It don’t take long after you put your fish in the sauce, so have all your sides, and a big pot of rice, cooked, ( remember to always fluff your rice!)

My plate starts out like this,

but ends like this!

Don’t forget the fried on the side!

Our plans today are moving along, and the onions, wilting smells wonderful, the fish are cleaned, and the seasonings are at hand.

Well a chore outside calls and I must go, remember Friday on da bayou is always fish day!

As always;

Cazan the cook!


If you would like to experience a Friday on da bayou, contact Me, Cazan the cook.