Thu. Dec 13th, 2018

The old Man & the Bayou,

an adventure started long ago, in a time almost forgotten, all things change, the world and the people of the world, as we lose things of the world & lose People of the world, We experience “Absence of Presence!”  On the bayou yesterday, I was cutting grass and always having an eye on my surrounding’s  I saw a huge roll in the bayou, ( poisson de arme)have been waiting to catch this fellow for a while, and it being too hot to work, I said ,Let’s fish.  I always keep a bit of bait handy, so “Here we Go”, I have to tell you it was one of the best days ever!

It started with checking the crab pot, no crabs, so moving on, set out a line with some shrimp,  then it started, with a huge softshell turtle, Now I know what your are thinking, & you are right, It’s my favorite ! but there is second story to this Tail.

The turtle’s on my bayou have no fears, unless my Darling is on Vacation far away! Then it’s game on. So yesterday was just sport. it happened and there out of the shadows was my Darling, with gadget in hand, to video the turtle and the release of!

It’s somewhat famous on face book, so there you go.

About this time my good Friend from down da bayou, shows up and says I thought  I would find you here in the shade with that good wind out da south.

I handed him a pole and his response was No not now, I got to bring my Cher Be‾be‾ , someplace, She don’t like it when my fingers smell funny!

So we Pondered until the phone rang. It was Her, He even asked if I had a phone , I said it don’t work down on da bayou! It don’t.

Before day light, checking the bayou, I saw a big ole gator looking for these Nutria’s that have a nest somewhere near by, I have been expecting,  him they show up not long after the nutria come, several times during the year.

So the activity is high along the bayou, just wish I could land this big old “Alligator Gar” (poisson de arme) without injury, I’ve caught it several times, but not using a gaff, it’s hard to land from a high bank, bayou Self !

I would hate to think that I have evolved into that man that don’t say what the fish are biting on, or where the white perch (Sac-a-lait) hang out, So if you see me in my pirogue, fishing near where the spoon bills stay, using dat heavy rod & reel with 100 pd test line with dat big float, with dat mullet hanging off of it,

Dat’s not me & I ain’t fishing for dat state record (poisson de arme ) “Alligator Gar”!

Now if you see a fry station not far away, with the grease hot, and the onions (Oignon) frying, well dat might be Me!

As always.






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