Watermelon ! Watermelon!, Ice cold Watermelon here!

Remember the watermelon man, driving slowly down a dusty street, my street, toot the horn once a block, hollering, Watermelons. It would stir quite a scramble, especially that first time of the season.

They would always make you wait, sometimes even till tomorrow, Wow how they expect a watermelon to last that long,  You know that melon in the tub with one piece of ice, was never delivered to our house, we chilled ours under the bed in the dark,

Sugar town melons, were the best,  I always ate a sugar town melon down to the green!

So sweet, & special,  Well just last evening the watermelon club gathered at my house under the shade tree where the eating table is,  and We cut one, that had been chilled, the President of the club dropped it off with instructions to be chilled and cut, the next afternoon, around 4,pm.

Da Eating table!

Trucks, tractor & a lawn mower pulled up and we “assembler” (convene) the club, to eat this Sugar town.

Soon the proclamation of the President, was it’s not as sweet as the first one, We agreed and stated “it still good, yea”!

While we finished up and disposed of the remains at the gut pile along the bayou, so the animals could taste the best melon, in town.

The subject of Yellow meat melons came up,

Yellow meat!

Well it being near supper for some, We put off further discussion until, someone came up with a yellow meat melon.

It was a great day here on the bayou, and we look forward to the next meeting of the watermelon club.

As always.

Cazan the cook.

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