August 13,2018, What a Day!

It begins before sun rise, and will continue through out the day, Our quest this day is as many other’s and it always begins with, Did you cook? Sadly today, it’s No, but the day is still young, and as all of you have had a moment of Oh Goodness, it’s all the same, What could I cook that will feed the ” envie “, today!  It’s all the same, that’s why here at Cajun in a box, We offer Cajun Country, all the sights, sounds, & taste, seasoned with   Cajun Culture, Heritage, & traditions, passed down from the beginning.

Al fresco !

Fresh baked B’s go a long way, before , during & after, a delicious home cooked meal,  We serve bread of some type with each meal featured here on the bayou, I don’t know much about the science or history of breads, just what I like with the meal at hand.

Fresh butter, jams, jelly’s, syrups, honey, offered at the table, for Breakfast, “Dejeuner”, Lunch, “Diner”, Supper, “Souper”, you will find fresh bread throughout the day, here in Cajun Country!

As I write, I am enjoying a fresh brewed cup, of Community “Café” blend, with a touch of cream, It’s not only good it’s good for you!

Today being Monday, Souper, will end up being, Red/Beans, sausage, and rice, with a side of coleslaw, Ice tea, and a little something sweet.

As always.

Cazan, the Cook!

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