Shrimp & Okra “Gumbo” Bayou Style!

My good neighbor has brought me some fresh off of the stalk, okra, and you know what that means ?

Gumbo, with these fresh from the garden okra & fresh from the water shrimp.

We will clean and deveined our shrimp, taking the heads and shell, make a stock, and add some fresh shrimp flavor to this.

As always “first you make a roux”

you can make your roux with one to one, flour & oil, brown well and remember to always stir,  or do like me, make all you need for the week and use as needed.


3 pounds 30count shrimp

1 16 Oz package cut frozen okra, ( unless you have a good neighbor like me.)

2 1/2 cups shell fish stock

1 cup oil

1 cup flour

2 cups chopped onions

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped bell pepper

seasonings, black pepper, salt, cayenne

1 cup chopped green onion tops

1/2 cup chopped parsley, (fine)

heat your Dutch oven and make your roux, then add your trinity, cook until wilted, add your stock to the consistency you prefer; bring this to a roiling boil, whisk while blending, reduce heat and simmer, stirring in okra,  season to taste, Simmer 30  minutes, controlling heat and consistency. check seasoning. cook 15 minutes longer , adding your shrimp, remember that shrimp & seafood don’t take long, to cook. stir in parsley, and onion tops, turn off heat, season if needed and cover let settle for 10 minutes while you get the table ready, if you can keep them out of your pot.

We’ll serve this over a bowl of rice. with our sides, potato salad, sweet potato, cornbread, and as always a little something sweet!

add the shrimp & okra!

We will finish this with a fresh brewed pot of coffee, and  a fond good bye!

As always;