The weekend’s come and go, just as the seasons, Autumn is here, and the mornings are cooler, hoping for some relief.

Friday’s are always exciting because the neighbor hood comes, alive, the energy from the young one’s with their everlasting sense of excitement, is contagious.

We ordered a cord of wood, both for Cooking & heating, Love our fireplace with the temps like today (48 @ 5 am).

It’s a free day, just for ourselves, may get a late event order. it shouldn’t be too late, LOL.

Fire in the place, a soup simmering, and the sights, sounds & all the ingredients of fall along the bayou.

The waterfowl are coming in, “a fresh kill, is always welcome”, along with the small game hunters, made a stop at a new store in the area, the shrimp & crabs & the redfish are as fresh as any market in the area.

A lot of fresh food, & a source of fresh veggies, is ending, in my  neighborhood, He just can’t manage the garden anymore, looking for a new place.

Sweet potatoes fill the bill this time of year, and we have been enjoying a batch of candied yams!

Our citrus trees are on the decline, replanting this spring!

The satsuma’s didn’t fare all that well this year, the shade from the live oaks has overtaken them, but the grape fruit are enormous, ( beacoup gros) and sweet, made dozens, lemon tree died, and will be replaced by a Louisiana Sweet, navel oranges doing ok, full thanks to the rains, this year.

The tangerines well the taste is off, good but not great. try some new food in the spring.

This fellow showed up about the time the nutria pups took to the bayou.

The wildlife along the bayou goes & comes, yesterday some people from the next road up, came by, a big fat coyote( loup de praire) looking into their front door, made news, and they passed the word, for the neighbor’s with out side little animals.

The city won’t do anything except tell you not to handle the situation, but maybe call somebody that has a license, and charges to much, some how these things seem to work out here along the bayou, for the best.

Let’s cook something!

A fresh beef & vegetable soup for the cool snap this weekend, is the ticket, along with a smoked turkey, fresh out the smoker, for sandwiches, what you say.

Soup aux legumes

I use a smoked beef sausage, with some ground beef, and  a fatty beef soup bone,  here’s the recipe.

Let’s cut up your meat into bite size, and brown, remove and set aside,  now add your tomatoes, Ro-Tel, original and tomato sauce, tomato paste, soup bone, sausage, ground beef,  and water, cover and simmer for 1 hour, add your vegetables, and season to taste, remember the Ro-Tel,  Let’s simmer for 2-3 hours, and we’ll serve this with your favorites.

2-3 pounds of beef sausage,  tender soup meat,

1/2 cup veg-oil, to brown your beef meat

2 large onions chopped 2 cans peeled & diced tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce,8oz

1 can tomato paste

 1 can Ro-Tel 

large fatty soup bone of your choice

2 quarts of water.

1 large  bag frozen corn

1 large bag frozen string beans

1 large bag frozen lima beans

1 large bag frozen sliced carrots

3 large Irish potato peeled and cubed

 a low and slow simmer, let the people get hungry, and make sure all is tender, and adjust your seasonings to suit all.

I always brown a little extra sausage, for tasting!

As always, Enjoy.


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