About Me & Big Mamou !

Just like you, We have journeyed around the world twice & part of Texas, tasting the culinary Traditions, Heritage, & Cultural  Cuisine, leading to an appreciation, of trying new foods & how it fits into our culture on a daily basis. Cajun Country, & Cajun in a Box, offers a unique opportunity with it’s vast resources and cultures, Cajun, Creole, Spanish, First People, French, German, all contributed to the ingredients that make Cajun Country what it is today, Gathering, Growing, Harvesting on a daily basis, is our life here on the bayou. A famous Chef said, Quote. “The secrets of Cajun Cooking lay in the unique ingredients of South Louisiana swamp floor Pantry.” end Quote.

Here in Cajun Country, We are well known for our eating & drinking, as you know, we’ll be doing a lot of this, We will share the daily ( Coup d’0eil ) “glimpse”  into our pass, present & future,  through  our,

Cajun Tales, & Cooking Stories!

Recipes, Photo’s, Cook book,  All the People from our  History, Traditions, & Cultures, Our Families, & Friends, all of Cajun Country, contributes to our daily life, We are here to share it, and live it.

Thank you!

As  Always!

Freddie Gotreau

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