Cajun in a Box “Supper Club”!

A Cajun supper club isn’t on the side of some road here along the bayou!

It’s so much more, than that, It’s Fresh in a “Traditional Cajun way” , It fit’s in with your expectations of a “Good Time”!

Our Cajun food culture & heritage” all of our Traditions of Cajun Country, Served up to Order in your own home, Contact us today! 

It’s Family, Friends, & fais-dodo !

Imagine for a moment, the aroma’s, fresh from the garden soil, fresh from the bay’s waters, the fragrance of Cajun smoked meats, when you open that smoke house door. the sound of the evening wind in the rice fields, gathering afternoon showers, as the kitchen comes to life, serving anticipation from the start, I know you remember the first time you had this dish, Where it was, Who was there, and the time of day and especially the reason you gathered. the conversations, background sounds, a fiddle, an accordion, a Cajun Voice, so dear, it’s never left you!

I remember them all!

Al fresco early spring evening.

Our Cajun in a Box, Supper club offers Cajun Traditions, Heritage & Culture!

We offer meals for 6 or 16, Your choice, of your favorite’s sourced locally, and prepared & Cooked fresh just for your event!

Lundi / Monday / Red beans & rice. Velvety smooth home made red beans / pure pork sausage, served over Cajun Country rice, with our signature smothered green beans, flavored with bacon & Cajun in a Box, seasonings, with buttered corn bread, brown sugar sweet potato sides. by appointment only.

Mardi / Tuesday / Pork backbone Fricassee. Our backbone fricassee, in our delicious sauce rouille, served over rice with slow cooked hock flavored black eyed peas, Cajun in a Box, seasoned butter beans, & hand tossed coleslaw, to bring out that Cajun vibe. by appointment only

Mercredi / Wednesday / Beef Roast / gravy. Our slow cooked beef roast is browned down & seasoned before cooking in a sauce rouille, ( rusty gravy), the sides include smothered navy beans seasoned with bite sized carmelize tasso, seasoned lima beans, hand tossed coleslaw. by appointment only

Jeudi / Thursday / Chicken & sausage gumbo. Our most popular dish, fresh made roux, our locally sourced ingredients, & add in the “Grandmere'” flavors to this Traditional Cajun Country meal, served with fresh cooked Cajun country rice, home made mustard potato salad, fresh baked corn bread, with sides of baked sweet potato. by appointment only

Vendri / Friday/  is “Fish day”, Catfish Courbouillon. Our Friday catfish courbouillon, cooked fresh, within minutes of serving. with our Cajun in a box, seasoned fried fish in the side, this meal is served with Cajun Country rice, included is our famous corn Macque choux, Cajun seasoned field peas with snaps, hand tossed coleslaw for the freshest fish on the bayou. by appointment only.

Authentic Cajun Country Meals, Cooked & Seasoned with, Cajun Tradition, Heritage & Culture. “To Order.”

Cajun in a Box,  Offers our Supper club for you & Family and friends,  Schedule yours today, pick a night & a dish that you would like to share we’ll do the rest, For more details, contact us today.

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