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Big Mamou Enterprises/ Real Time Cajun, Inc
“Cajun in a Box”.
Private Chef Service!

Fresh baked B’s

 Authentic,“Cajun Cooking” hot off of the fire !

Served fresh, with all the things that make a memorable Cajun Experience !
Locally sourced from right down the bayou, da kitchen garden, Fresh herbs, and fresh ground seasonings, everything from “catch of the day” & made to order, My favorite gumbo for 2, to our special event menu.  Charcuterie meats, The smoked meats we use daily and keep fresh, Cajun charcuterie is part of our cooking repertoire! just the right touch, of Cajun Country ingredients.

We Cook & Season with

Cajun Traditions, Heritage, & Culture!
Join us as We share all things Cajun, Food, Music, Dancing, and Fun from one end of Cajun Country to the other, I have driven 100 miles round trip to buy my favorite “Tasso”!

Offering all the sights, sounds, & all the ingredients, of Cajun Country.
“Experience eating Cajun , everyday, It’s what we do”!

Here’s How It Works!

Cajun in a box, offers affordable meal preparation, you just pick it out!

We prepare the meals of your choice in your own kitchen. If you have special dietary needs we will address them or if you  just want to remove the burden of making dinner, we are here to put some Cajun, in your life!
Let’s talk about what you want.
Cajun in a Box offers multiple ways to meet your dietary needs.
Cajun in a Box offers a traditional personal chef service.  We will discuss specific dietary needs & what you want, in detail. We then create a Cajun in a Box, custom meal plan to suit your taste, schedule visits on a regular basis  once per week, every night if you want, where we make your meals for the week.

Please contact us to set up an arrangement!
Cajun in a Box,  at your service!
For the Cajun in a Box, chef service, we will set up a schedule to provide you with regular meals.
Preparation Fee
Side or Dessert
1st Meal
1 to 8   servings/free Prep
You can provide  ingredients, or we can buy them all,  for a $25 shopping fee.
2nd Meal
1 to 8   servings/free Prep
3rd Meal
1 to 8   servings/free Prep
4th Meal +
1 to 8 servings/free Prep
Extra side or dessert
1 to 8 servings

Each  Cajun in a Box, meal comes with a side’s & dessert . Also, you pay the same preparation fee for one serving as you do for eight.
You have the choice of providing your own ingredients or letting us get them for you, from the local grocery market  & Farm to market, when available.
Cajun in a Box, will ensure you enjoy you Cajun experience every time !

 We will  will arrive at your home, prepare the meals, we have agreed upon, in your kitchen and clean up, leave you and your Family to enjoy, the

Cajun in a box, experience ! 

 “Experience eating Cajun , everyday, It’s what we do”!


Bienvenue a
Cajine Dans a Boite !

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