Liste de manger / de plats d’un repas / Menu !

    • Authentic Cajun Country meals,  Cooked & seasoned with

    • Cajun Tradition, Heritage  & Culture, “to order”!

    • “Merci Beaucoup” !

    • Lundi / Monday/Red beans & Rice ! Velvety, smooth home made red beans / sausage served over, Cajun Country rice, with our signature smothered green beans, flavored with bacon, & Cajun in a Box, seasonings, with buttered corn bread, brown sugar sweet potato sides.
      by appointment only.
    • MardiTuesday/Pork backbone fricassee ! Tuesday’s Backbone fricassee, in our delicious sauce rouille,served over rice, with slow cooked, hock flavored black eyed peas, Cajun in a Box, seasoned Butter beans, and hand tossed coleslaw, to bring out that Cajun vibe!
      by appointment only.
    • Mercredi /Wednesday/ Beef roast w/ gravy ! Our slow cooked beef roast, is browned down and seasoned before cooking in a sauce rouille,(“rusty gravy”), the sides include, smothered navy beans seasoned with bite size carmelize tasso, seasoned Lima beans, hand tossed coleslaw.
      by appointment only.
    • Jeudi / Thursday/Chicken & sausage gumbo, Our most popular Thursday meal, fresh made roux, and our locally sourced ingredients, add the at “Grandma’s house” flavors to this traditional Cajun Country meal, served with fresh cooked Cajun country rice, home made mustard potato salad, fresh baked corn bread, with a side of baked sweet potato.
      by appointment only.
  • Vendredi / Friday/ is “Fish day” Catfish courbouillon ! Our Friday catfish courbouillon, cooked fresh, within minutes of serving , with Cajun in a Box, seasoned fried fish on the side, this meal served with Cajun country rice,included is our famous corn macque choux , Cajun seasoned field peas with snaps, hand tossed coleslaw for the “freshest fish” on the appointment only.
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  • Your Weekly Plans!

  • 5/4 Plan. This plan offers 4 servings each, of 5 delicious Cajun in a Box, entrees, paired with your favorite sides, This plan is a great value for your money, It’s also our most popular plan.
  • $550.00
  • 4/4 Plan. This plan offers 4 servings each, of 4 delicious Cajun in a Box, entrees, paired with your favorite sides, This plan is right for the Family that likes to eat out a couple of times a week.
  • $450.00
  • 5/2 Plan. This plan offers 3 servings each, of 5 delicious Cajun in a Box, entrees, paired with your favorite sides. great for Couples or empty nesters!
  • $400.00
  • Specialty Cajun ! 

  • Cohcon de lait / Cohcon farci ! Our traditionally, cooked, just for you & your family, Cohcon de lait, slow roasted to perfection, that comes from our heritage of cooking outside. The aroma’s, and seasoning used for our entire Cajun country history, infused into this tender pork, that is served with Cajun in a box, Dirty rice, home made, Potato salad, hand tossed coleslaw, fresh baked French bread, with all the butter you can stand, don’t forget our Cajun in a Box, BBQ-sauce made just for you !
  • Cajun stuffed Ponce / “Chaudin” dinner ! A truly traditional Cajun meal, considered Cajun Fare at it’s best, fresh stuffed & seasoned the Cajun in a Box, way, We cook this using a time honored recipe, just for you & your family ! This meal is served with Cajun Dirty rice, Our traditional mustard potato salad, hand tossed coleslaw, our fresh baked French bread, with a pat, as always a little something sweet.
    by appointment only.
  • Traditional Shrimp & Redfish, Courbouillon ! A real treat back in the day, meaning someone had been to the coast, Our sumptuous roux, based fish stew, be sure to check out our recipe for this Traditional, Cajun Country Meal. Order your’s Today!
  • Cajun in a Box, Stuffed Duck ! A great meal, a change from fried chicken on Sunday.
  • All of our meals! Served with our fresh brewed sweet ice tea. A slice of baked this am, country style bread with a pat, of sweet butter & as always a little something sweet, Our meals are served with 3’s listed on menu.
    by appointment only.

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