Cajun Chef “Qui est consulte” Service !

    • Consulting Private Chef Service.
    • Join us on our culinary journey, throughout the day following favorite cooks & experiencing recipes from Cajun cook books & Cajun cooks, all the people, places & things of Cajun Country that bring this all to life! Experience the “Joie de Vie” of our lives here on the bayou, deep into Cajun’s Country. A wise old Man told me one time, You don’t have to speak Cajun French to be Cajun, You have to live “Cajun to be Cajun”!
      So Join us everyday, and be “Cajun”, It’s what we do!
    • Cajun Chef “Qui est consulte” Service

    • Offers Nourishment, while achieving Emotional Relaxation, removing yourself and Family & Guest from the Mundane!

    • Arrive home to the Aroma’s of your Favorite meals, while getting what you want always with Cajun in a Box, Remember how you enjoy exotic moments, in the comfort of your home, for your Family & Guest!

    • We know you love great Authentic  Cajun food and spending time at home & with family, if you are ready for a personal chef. Let Cajun in a Box, show you how you can enjoy high-quality, Cajun chef-prepared meals personalized to your tastes and lifestyle. Fresh at home prepared meals & events, Not take out!
    • Experience Cajun everyday, It’s what We do!
    • How It Works, I cook,  clean & leave,You & your Family & Friends enjoy! “difference between

    • Cajun in a Box, & take out”.

    •   We plan every detail of your event together & Your meals are cook on the spot!

    • Our services are designed with your taste in mind, Hungry for a gumbo like your Grandma use to make, a E’touffee, a Fricassee, We know your busy life, and that you work hard for your Family, We can provide you with the best possible Cajun culinary experience, Authentic Cajun Cuisine, fresh in your kitchen. “Cajun in a Box”.
    • Conversation leads to great food!

    • Let’s start with a professional converstion to find out what it is “Cajun in a Box”, can cook for you. In the comfort of your home or on the bayou. we’ll discuss how Cajun in a Box works, your meal preferences, and any constraints I should know about such as food allergies.
      We will answer all your questions & provide details about the service and the menu.

      we will agree on the meal plan and date for your first experience with “Cajun in a Box”.

    • Cooking & Eating!

    • Cajun in a Box, will arrive and prepare the meals we have planned for, Package and store them as agreed, and clean up our mess, and the Cajun menu you have selected is waiting for you and your Family, We chill your meals to maintain their freshness for the week ahead and then package them in high quality glass containers.
      Cajun in a Box will fulfill our agreement on the Cajun culinary menu, you want, time after time. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    • Instructions on enjoying Cajun Cuisine.

    • Cajun in a Box, prepares the Fresh cooked Cajun meals you have planned for, and packaged them to for a quick and proper heating for a hassle free Cajun in a Box, meals, they are properly packaged and waiting for you in your own home.
      Simply heat and eat.
      Cazan the Cook.
    • Your FAQs 

    • Ready to place an order?

    • Please contact Me,
    • Cazan the Cook,
  • “Today”!

    Cazan the cook.

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