Imagine; “Se figurer”, “S’ imaginer”!

Imagine;  Se figurer, S’ imaginer a day like any other, the beginning- the next few moments have the greatest impact  of all the rest!

Se fiqurer,  a traditional day enjoying, the fragrance of the magnolia, on the breeze, the cicada’s singing in the oaks, early summer in Cajun Country.

the water moving through the bayou, Spanish moss, swaying, like a living thing. in the dapple shade of live oaks.

S’imaginer,  the sights, sounds, smell’s & all the ingredients, of life in Cajun Country.

Imagine;  Cajun in a Box, offering  Cajun Country meals, Cooked & seasoned with Cajun Tradition, Heritage, & Culture! “to Order”!

“Experience eating Cajun everyday, It’s what we do”!

Merci Beaucoup! Cazan.

PS. Ma-Mere say’s, You better eat today, you may not be able to eat tomorrow!

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