The Pig, by Cajun in a Box!

roasted pig on the gridiron

I know you are saying, I sure would like a pig this weekend, But where to get Dat?

Cajun in a Box, Dat’s where !

Let’s start with, When, Where, How?

 when would you like this Pig ?

Where would you like this Pig?

How would you like this Pig ?

Just a few things to decide on, before you experience, the best Pig, you ever wrapped your Mouth around, We “Gar ron Tee”!!

What’s your name ?

What’s you mailing address ?

What’s you contact Number ?

What’s your email address ?

Who is your contact person for the event ?

What is the contact persons phone number ?

What’s the contact persons email address ?

Where would you like to hold this event ?

What is your method of payment ?

Cajun in a Box, requires a $350 dollar deposit on your “Pig Roast Event” order!

The remaining balance will be charged at the time of your Event!

So Let’s get this party started!

Something to think about !

How big is Enough?

How many you want to feed ?

Will the Pig be the main entrée ?

Will they be hungry ?

If you say yes, then figure 1 to 1.5 lb of pig for each one there!

Let me share with you together we will figure this out, with a email, text, or Call.

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As always, Cajun in a box, it’s the experience of eating Cajun everyday, it’s what We do !


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